WePuffin's RDF Vaporizer Pen is built for concentrates such as oils, waxes and other extracts.

WePuffin believes in producing a simple, but elegant product to deliver a clean vape experience. This is why we've developed a sleek, stylish, and functional device at a reasonable cost. Our RDF vaporizer pens are designed right here in Canada, and every component has been carefully selected to provide users with an effective way to enjoy their organic product without getting in the way.

Device Hardware:
Deep Quartz Crystal Atomizer Bowl
Dual Titanium Bound Quartz Rod Atomizer
Long Lasting 650mAh Battery with USB Charger
Stainless Steel Load & Tamp Tool
Hard Shell Case
Three Temperature Settings (Low - Blue, Medium - Red, High - Green)
Glossy Gun Metal Finish with Smudge Resistant Coating
Industry Standard 510 Thread
Elevated Air Passages & Air Flow System to Avoid Clogs and Leaks
10 Second Auto-Shutoff Safety Feature to Prevent Overheating.
3.2 - 4.1V Working Voltage
Hand Assembled with No Glues, Wicks or Artificial
Dyes for No Unwanted Tastes or Contaminants
Designed in Canada

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